This site mentioned in the critical & threatening blog from White House Feb 5 2013 reported by We must Remove Zion's NSA+ CIA

Nation of Dixieland=II Chronicles 7:14. “If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." More


DHS OK GUILLOTINES But Preppers Say No With 2 Man Combat Team DVD on Guerilla War. Yes, Redcoats are coming

Report: 250,000 Chinese PLA+25,000 Russian special forces now in USA. Arm w/untraceable 9MM, 10MM rifle or shotgun More

Obama signs UN Gun Ban Treaty+Executive order & If you not have untraceable gun then you will be disarmed or killed More

Will old Poppy Bush's CIA order Obama to kill the non-Al-qa'ida operator of this website? More


American Rangers photo
Christian's Fighting the CIA-Mossad-Muslim Brotherhood Plan for a Brutal Islamic-Marxist dictatorship In the US More

Republic of usa President Turner is a political prisoner
Write: James Timothy Turner #99120 MCDF PO Box 4499, Montgomery Ala 36103

President Tim Turner talks about the current phony Constitution of the USA used in the Republic for the united States of America that he restored in 2010 Video

Republic For The United States of America -The Voice of Truth and ReasonVideo

In 2010, the non-violence preaching Pastor Tim Turner (audio) and his movement of 20,000 members+280,000
supporters re-inhabited and restored the original govt created by Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin.

The de facto government (current U.S.Govt), which became a corporation in 1871, called 'THE UNITED STATES' (w/caps), after politicans (R) were influenced by carpetbagger Jew's money, via international Jewish bankers, to de-inhabit the original government.
Traitors replaced the founding father's Constitution for the United States of America (without cap letters) and replaced it with a
OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (with cap letters & original 13th amendment removed & the second created 13th,
14th, 16th & 17th amendments added). All members of Congress, the "President" (elected dictator that rules by
unconstitutional executive orders)+ others take an oath to uphold this "Constitution" (corporation by-laws)
and thus could and should be put on trial for major crimes under the restored (& empowered) constitutional govt.

In 2012, Muslim Obama became fearful of Turner's shadow govt and it's rapid rise in membership
in 50 states and had him arrested and then used the IRS to frame him and so he is now in an Alabama jail after his conviction
and on July 29 2013, he was
sentenced to serve 18 years in a federal prison. Leaders at Nation of Dixieland strongly protest
President Turner's internment. And no matter what work for his release by any method, before he is murdered, and at the
same time work to empower the restored and legitimate constitutional government so we can bring corrupt
and traitorous U.S. leaders to justice in a real constitutional court and not in today's admiralty courts
/martial law courts. Martial law was declared in 1863 & was never lifted. Every congressperson that has taken
money from AIPAC (Israeli lobby) is guilty of violating the original 13th amendment. Such trials should
be held during prime time TV so Americans could learn just how much Israeli lobby money these traitorous
parasites stuffed in their pockets while Turner's human rights are violated and human rights groups are silent.

JFK was killed, in Dallas, by hired CIA shooters on orders from the Jewish oligarchy that rules the USA.
The key reason for his murder was his signing Executive Order 11110 that would have required the dollar
be backed by silver and coined by the US Treasury. This EO threatened the worthless Federal Reserve
Note that is issued by the Jew mafia run Federal Reserve (Elites' moneymaker). The murder was probably
ordered by David Rockefeller and/or the Jewish Rothschild (banking family & founder of Israeli nation).


The Turner Diaries "a blueprint for revolution?" US propaganda organs, falsely, tell us it inspired Tim Mcveigh.
James Turner's peaceful moves to restore constitutional govt was blocked by Obama. JFK's statement was on
target. Jews are not likely to hand the govt back peacefully. In the book, Jewish senators had confiscated
all guns but Americans are informed that had they earlier dragged Jews into the streets and slit their throats nothing
bad would have befallen USA. Order the book and Learn the plan. Send check, cash or MO ($00+$0 S&H) made
out to: Copy & paste URL of online version.
Visit to join constitutional government or email:


Talk to Amateur Radio operators all over the world. No extra hardware needed. How about a non-licenced HAM Scanner when internet is turned off? More >

Print our leaflet & then go to a printing company & with offset press or copy machine make thousands of copies & cut+distribute them More

Texas Police get tanks to face separatists. Please help us Mr Putin More

OBAMA: USA is days away from loss of sovereignty & dictatorship More

Nation Of Dixieland: A Prophecy Revealed In Pictures. Step 1=Create Dixieland w/13 states Step 2= Create Republic of the USA w/37 states Step3=Merge 1 & 2 for a New Israel with Morality More

The collapse of the Dollar & ww3 has already begun. ...Terrifying future of the USA...Must seeMore

9/11/2001 Pentagon attack w/$2.3 Trillion missing in Pentagon (9/10/2001) was a US Govt-Israeli False-Flag Op More

9/11 that killed 2900+ was a US Govt-Israeli False-Flag Operation More

Jesse Ventura's newest revelation, FEMA is operating hundreds of secret “concentration camps” across the US to imprison innocent Americans More

USA precious Fresh Water going to China+T.Boone Pickens steals Texian's scarce water proves we must establish Dixieland by 2022 More

35 things the ruling cabal does not want you to knowMore

Expert: Obamacare Could Lead to Armed Revolt More

Treason: The Disarmament of the U.S., & the Declaration of World Govt (Beast of Rev 13) More

..I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus & because of the word of God.. More

NASA: The End Of Mankind "Leaked Document" 2013 very important video More

In the coming guerilla war for freedom in the USA it will be DHS (Israeli controlled), Russians, Canadians & China against the American people More

Don't Bother To Choose Sides In the Coming Civil War.... It Will Be Done For You.. More

Israel lobby runs 'organized crime', bribes US lawmakers More

STOP THE BLANK CHECK TO ISRAEL: $8 million daily for Khazars to steal other's land More

Tactical Training DVD for Preppers-2 man teams in combat More

Gay Oprah Winfrey says whites opposed to Obama must die. 2 man combat teams to fight in Dixieland More

Should you get a Ham Radio or Hide from the Govt? More

There are several ways to skin the communication cat More

Pentagon Warns To Expect “Radical” Change In US Govt Soon More

Back in the USSR: The Sovietization of American Life The ordeal of Ilija Trojanov More

County Sheriff's, aiding the revolutionPush Back against the Feds More

Chrislam (merger of Islam &Christianity) Spreads In USA. Dixieland will fight for Jesus More

If Democrats win in 2014 liberals, Muslims socialists & Communists to unite in US with take-over plan that may kill millions of Christians.More

Obama Ousts Generals After Nuke Explodes In Ocean Instead Of Charleston SC More

Black Crimes & Reparations More

Taxpayer Paid Hotel Rooms For Illegals Of Scam Surge - In Your Face Outrage - The Quiet Takeover, War In The Shadow but I put Congressman Solomon Ortiz(Mr Amnesty of old 27th in Tx) out of office: Only a Republic of the usa (Rusa), created after Dixieland, will address the Jewish problem in the U.S., & will stop the fall of America More

Sandy Hook & the Boston Bombing You're Being Hoodwinked More

Illegal Immigration is America’s Knockout PunchMore

Soviet Psychiatric Drug for dissidents Given to US Dissidents & patients More

Big Pharma's virus for ruling elite that they can use to kill millions in 10-12 days & has no cureMore

Homebuilt Choctaw 3hours2build .4I0 Shotgun/9mm Rifle More

Presidents Heroes? President Bush's Part in 9/11 More & Eisonhower's Death Camps in Germany More

"President" has kill list for dissenters but now drones can be brought down with DIY microwave gun. Can DIY Coilgun firing flame hardened & pointed, by lathe, tool steel projectiles penetrate light armor? More

Wanta Show Your Support For President Obama by Ordering & wearing a Red, White & Blue Burqas? More

Stage One of the American Guerrilla War Is Here More


The Fight for Jesus Begins In Dixie & to Spread to 37 Other States More

America’s Path to Revolution Is Rapidly Escalating More

No Law Requiring You to Pay Income Tax. So why is President of USA James Turner in Jail? More

Obama Orders CIA To Disappear His “Love Child” After Mother Assassinated More

Tomorrow's Religion by National Vanguard More

You are being taxed by Talmud observing Jews when you buy food. The kosher tax

The Unspoken Truth: Coup d'etat in America More

Things you can do to empower constitutional govt. More

Obama sworn in on the Bible & then on the Koran & plans to change US into a Muslim-Marxist-dictatorship

Gun Confiscation - Last Refuge of the Tyrant More

Help is not coming... More

If they come for your guns do you have a responsibility to fight? More

The Second War of Independence has been declared More

#2Martial Law(ML) in US Coming. #1ML in 1863 is still in effect. Castro used .22 Rimfire ammo & &.22 auto rifles (w/suppressers must use subsonic ammo w/silencer) for Porch lights+street lights on guard dogs+4kneecaps+4headshots. .22 autos used on troops in back of trucks in Cuba said 1950's reports (false?). Would have rifled shotgun slugs w/flame hardened tool steel core been effective in Cuba? How about More. Cubans use homemade weapons? Coming Civil war II in USA will be won so help us God. With .22's or 9mm equipped w/suppressers/silencers? Red Commie-Muslim Anti-Christians can't hide in those armored vehicles 24/7.We've learned .22 ammo is scarce so try shotgun or 9MM.

Three stages of martial law More

Obama Announces Dictatorship [Full Speech Transcript]10/14/2013 More >

US Military with their skills in Afghanistan. Will American guerrillas get quashed like bugs? More

Building your SHTF Combat Overwatch Rifle More

The Plan To Kill 3 Billion In 30 Years After a Jewish run World Govt Is Estabilished More

Enough freeloaders on US Govt benefits to keep Texas in the union? Texas Nationalist Movement to grow More

Will US military stand with the American people & install the restored constitutional govt via a military coup?

The three stages of revolution and they are sequential. More

The Real Truth About Winning A Civil War More

Critical Bill for State Legislatures 2013 session: Constitutional Militia More

How Police identify you are a sovereign citizen & what Police are being taught about constitutionalists More

The Prepper Project offers a MUST Buy DVD on 2 man combat tactics+Homemade weapons should you wanta fight back More

Guerilla Warfare by Che Guevara (1961) Book on PDF

Is US Govt encourgeing local Police, like Officer Shawn Wilson, to murder Constitutionalists? More

American political system is essentially a contract between the Republican & Democratic parties, enforced by federal & state two--party laws, all designed to guarantee the survival of both no matter how many people despise...them.

A Government Separated from the People Cannot Stand More

Chinese invade & disarm Americans with help from corrupt Republicrats More 306HS149 password: califr

Battle of New Orleans is where Jackson defeated the most powerful Army in the world. His army was 4680+52 Choctaw warriors against 11,000 Brits. Civil War II will have, hopefully, many anti-Chrislam 2 man combat teams+at least this 1 Choctaw facing, DHS, the most powerful internal Gestapo style & Israeli controlled army in the world Video+Song

Obama-Monsanto Mass Genocide Plot Stuns Scientists More

Click on Picture

SHOCKER! Loretta Fuddy - The Cult of Subud - Barack Obama and His REAL FATHER? Must Watch short vid (RMN) More

8 short AWESOME videos by Josie 'The' Outlaw - MUST SEE More

MOST IMPORTANT MOVIE ON AMERICA EVER – Agenda: Grinding America Down More

Is Obama the AntiChrist of Rev13:1? His #666. Will you fight for Christianity & distribute our leaflet? More

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